Topic Suggestions

On this site, you will find topic suggestions for Bachelor or Master theses at the CSTI laboratory. However, these suggestions are just first, broad ideas. We welcome any individual ideas that you bring along to extend the indicated topics, while we are also open to new and related subjects.

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Bachelorproject Mechanical Engineering and Production

For more details, please follow the links below:
WS 2020/21 Wearable Aktuators
WS 2020/21 Wearable Sensors
WS 2020/21 Still alive?

Virtual Reality

Mechanical engineering students have modeled the FINO2 research platform with CAD. This model is to be transformed into VR and enriched with real-platform data downloaded from FINO2. Thus, an interactive model is to be created, where individual sensors can be selected and their individual data collected can be inspected. FINO2 website

Machine Learning

Within the research cooperation with the company Hamburg Applications, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Hamburg, a smart shirt is under development that will allow fitness and rehabilitation exercises to be automatically evaluated. This is a variant of a Quantified Self application, while in this project, algorithms are to be developed that make it possible to individually evaluate the quality of exercises. Company website

LIVING PLACE laboratory

Innovative interactive ubiquitous and tangible concepts and concrete artefacts for the future of living are to be developed at the LIVING PLACE Hamburg. We start from the idea that future smart home environments will no longer be inhabited by the human life form alone, but by responsive and semi-autonomous technical systems that communicate at eye level with the human inhabitants, e.g. plants that are able to move around in space and also supply themselves. Laboratory website

Science & Technology Studies

Modern IT processes are increasingly defining the everyday life of people, both in their professional and private lives. Especially the hype about artificial intelligence / machine learning with its non-transparency of results increases the critical reception of IT artifacts. Thus, the Gesellschaft für Informatik has made an important contribution here with its case studies on the ethical consideration and evaluation of technology development (GewissensBits). Bachelor and master theses are also assigned for individual aspects of this problem area.